What Our Participants Say. . .

  1. Connie Frey, MMT, PhD, Somatic Educator
    "What an amazing treasure! Thank you so much for creating and sharing, Teri and Caryn . . . I'll return to the wisdom and inspiration of your Continuum Virtual recordings again and again.".
  2. Lenna Kitterman, Somatic Therapist
    "The virtual classes satisfy for me, a need to feel loved and connected. In these difficult times, any opportunity to be soothed and touched within, in collaboration with others, supports peace, mindfulness, self-love, compassion... timely and enduring gifts of Continuum. Teri and Caryn share generously their valuable experience and insights. I've loved every session!"
  3. Nicole Schafenacker, writer/performer, yoga teacher
    "I find the dive sequences in the Continuum Virtual with Caryn and Teri to be deeply nourishing! It is great to connect with other somatic movers from around the globe... "