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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Movement Immersions
Four Seasons of Moving Together with Our Global Somatic Community 
Explore the art of resilience and versatility in the play of Breath, Sound and Fluid Movement found in the fluid practice of Continuum.  Join Caryn Heilman and Teri Carter, both Continuum Movement Teachers authorized by Emilie Conrad, as they offer this virtual intensive series of classes, filled with somatic experiences that foster a connection to your deepest potential, in collaboration with the global Continuum Community.
We look forward to exploring Continuum Movement® with you!
Caryn Heilman
Teri Carter
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Our Movement Inquiry together explores what it means to be human...
Embodied Self-Care, Innovation, Wholeness, & Interconnection that engenders a more humane world.

 Each season of discovery we experience the quality and implications of our physiology and mindful awareness. Each season has its pleasures and challenges. 

We meet online - the second Wednesday of each Month live for 90 minute webinar gatherings consisting of dialogue and Continuum Movement dives, 2 -3:30pm eastern time.  Recordings of the webinars are available if you miss a live session. 
  1. Seeds of Growth, Spring 2018
    Seeds of Growth, Spring 2018
    Our inquiry will explore "what got us to this point," receiving new growth of Spring, sprouting, freshness, and receptivity. Our continual expansion as individuals and as a species is clearly evident with the new budding and new birth of Springtime. Form emerges and we experience a seduction of the sensation...
  2. Summer Abundance
    Summer Abundance
    Fresh fullness abounds. Let's rest into the warm waters of creativity. Together, we will allow the blossoming fecundity of life to pervade our life experience.
  3. Autumn Harvest
    Autumn Harvest
    We meet a 'cornucopia' of all that is presenting this Autumn! Shifts in the cultural milieu, leaves turn color and weather changes. We we can return to our storehouse of plenty to refurbish our physiological bounty and gather the abundance.
  4. Winter Endurance
    Winter Endurance
    As we rest deeply within our personal bio-system, which is part of the larger bio-sphere, reflection upon where we've been and letting go of what no longer serves us, opens a portal to welcoming new unfolding possibilities with effortlessness.
Since 2014, each seasonal series provide three-month-immersions connecting our somatic community from around the world, as we delve into the inquiry of self care and innovation, including...
  • Videos demonstrating the movement sequence
  • Live sessions together, where you can ask questions and dialogue with others in our somatic community from around the world.
  • Audio/video recordings of our live webinar sessions

Engage in your own deep healing journey and the playful creativity found in the embodiment of your fluid nature.
Explore the art of resilience and versatility in the play of Breath, Sound and Fluid Movement found in the fluid practice of Continuum.